Capture2Lifetime Care has recently received a grant which allowed all of our Speech-Language Pathologists to finish their online training for SPEAK OUT!.

Speak OUT!® is a highly effective speech therapy program developed by Parkinson Voice Project. After receiving SPEAK OUT! from any provider or facility in the area, we welcome any graduate in the community to join our LOUD Crowd® exercise group.

When we speak with intent or deliberation, we are using a system in the brain that is less dependent than dopamine. This is why people with Parkinson's can improve their speaking abilities. As patients go through SPEAK OUT!, they not only learn to "speak with intent," but they also learn to "live with intent."


 Watch our video of a greeting from Rochester here!

Parkinson's Disease Speech Program: The LOUD Crowd®

Meets Wednesdays at 12 p.m. at Lifetime Care

3111 S Winton Rd, Rochester, NY 14623



This group speech exercise class is for graduates of the SPEAK OUT! speech therapy program. The group is led by by a Speech-Language Pathologist who is trained in SPEAK OUT! and Parkinson's Disease management. Participants will be able to carry over skills learned in speech therapy in a support group environment. The group setting allows for more opportunity for natural speech tasks and facilitation of greater insight. We encourage participants to build relationships and exchange support with others living with this illness while maximizing and preserving their communication.



For more information, please call (585) 475-8800. No pre-registration required.

Download: Parkinson Voice Project Therapy Program PDF