On March 1st, a patient recently underwent surgery at Unity Hospital as a result of a Biamalleolar fracture of the left ankle. Due to the nature of the surgery, the patient would require physical therapy twice a week for a minimum of three months. The patient was not ecstatic after hearing the surgery would cause her to need PT and was a little worrisome on account of the PT tales she had heard over the years. Thanks to the professional knowledge, suggestions, recommendations for easier transport and movement within her home, exercises, and overall attentive reassurance and inspiration from two of Lifetime Cares’ remarkable physical therapists, Don Reto and Kate Krotz, the patient no longer fears PT and made a quick recovery. She was greatly relieved by the turn of events because of the directions provided by her PTs, which led her to have swift and safe healing. She ended up willingly answering any question that came up and “appreciated their sense(s) of humor.” When asked about the experience she replied, “ I always felt "uplifted" by their visits and when one is home bound for nearly three months, that is a tall order!”

She has since been released by her Orthopedic Specialist and fully credits her recovery to the Lifetime physical therapists who helped her through this tough time. She said “I am fortunate, blessed, and thankful for Kate and Don. I will miss them [and] wish them and their families the best.”