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Primary In-Home Services

Patients are often hospitalized to receive medical treatment when they are acutely ill, or for surgical treatment to repair an injury or treat a serious illness. When patients are being prepared for discharge from the hospital, hospital staff must arrange for the services they will need to return home safely. Through Lifetime Care, patients can receive skilled professional care and assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs).

Skilled Nursing – Services delivered by health care professionals with advanced education or training

  • Comprehensive Nursing assessment, treatment, teaching and counseling
  • Pre- and post-surgical care
  • PRI & screen
  • Restorative care, case management

Rehab Therapies/Care – Rehab specialists involve you and your caregivers to set goals for treatment for a temporary disability or surgery, such as joint replacement

  • Multi-disciplinary rehab care
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech/language pathology
  • Case management
  • Falls prevention/safety assessment

Medical Social Work – Assist patients and families to deal with financial issues or link them with helpful community resources

  • Financial counseling and advocacy
  • Emotional support
  • Long-Term Care needs
  • Linkage with community services

Infusion Therapy – IV treatments at home avoid the inconvenience of unnecessary doctor/clinic visits or hospital stays

  • Infusion nurse educators
  • PICC/Midline insertion
  • Maintenance of Central, Peripheral, PICC lines and Mediports
  • Infusion of antibiotics, TPN, chemo, cardiac needs, hydration, other IV meds
  • Lab draw via PICC/Central lines and Mediports
  • Coordination of pharmacy services through Lifetime Pharmacy

Home Health Aides - Home Care Plus aides assist with activities of daily living, if necessary

  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Bathing and dressing
  • Going to the toilet
  • Walking
  • Preparing meals and eating

Lifetime Care provides Specialty Services for individuals with a serious chronic illness, such as heart disease, lung disease, or diabetes. Remote Patient Monitoring and Home Support Services can help maintain independence and increase security in the home.