Over 22 years ago, Gail Brodner responded to a Lifetime Care job listing and hasn’t looked back. Gail has become a cherished member of the Lifetime Care home health aide team. She visits 4-5 hospice patients each day, providing care for them and helping the families. 

 “These families I visit are stressed because their whole worlds have been turned upside down. When you go into their homes they feel relieved that you are there to help take the edge off. I not only perform care for the patient but also for the family. I help do anything they need to take a load off their shoulders and help keep their loved one at home,” she says. Her mission is to bring peace and comfort to hospice patients and their families.

Her favorite part about working for Lifetime Care is the support system around her. “I have a good support system around me. We can call each other anytime to touch base with one another so that we can work as a team. And Lifetime Care management is always on our side.  Home health aides are valued here.  It’s a tough field to be valued in, but in our company everyone understands how important we are.”

Lifetime Care is seeking new home health aides to join the team. Linda Andrews, Director of Patient Service, is looking for compassionate candidates to help Lifetime Care patients. “The most important part is finding someone who truly wants to help people. You can make the biggest difference to these families just by showing up.”

Gail says, “If you want a job where you are appreciated, come to Lifetime Care. Whatever hours you can give that fit in your life; Lifetime Care is just happy you are there. The families are so thankful to have you. At the end of every day I always know that I am appreciated…always.”

If you are interested in applying to become a home health aide, please visit the careers page by clicking here.