What is planned giving?

  • Gifts such as trusts and annuities that provide income to the donor.
  • Gifts such as bequests that are payable upon the donor's death.

What are the benefits of planned giving?

The benefits of planned giving are both personal and financial. Personally, you can invest in the future of hosipce care in the community, ensuring that your family, friends and neighbors will receive the end-of-life care they deserve.

The financial benefits include:

  • Tax benefits such as deductions, reducing estate tax for heirs and avoiding capital gains tax on appreciated property.
  • May provide a fixed or variable income for donor and donor's beneficiary that may be tax-free, and
  • Can make a large future gift at a small cost.

Remembering Lifetime Care in your plans is a thoughtful way to express your gratitude. Whether you have benefitted personally from our treatment, have engaged Lifetime Care on behalf of a loved one, or just admire the work we do in the community, your gesture of support will help others in their time of need. No gift is too small to aid us in our mission to provide compassionate, personalized care for our patients.

Here is a link if you're wondering how to get started.

If you wish to name Lifetime Care Home Care and Hospice in your will or estate plan, we should be designated as: Genesee Region Home Care Association, D.B.A. Lifetime Care. We are tax exempt under section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code.

Unrestricted charitable gifts provide us with the most flexibility to better support people under our care who are ill, injured, dying or grieving. In addition to direct patient care services and compassionate hospice care, Lifetime Care also provides education that promotes healing, wellness, and holistic are for those who need it most. Your bequest or gift designation will have a positive impact on countless neighbors, friends, and members of your own community who will benefit on a very personal level through a restorative treatment, therapeutic rehabilitation, or a kind smile.

If you have chosen to include Genesee Region Home Care Association, D.B.A. Lifetime Care, in your estate plans, please let us know by contacting Matt Sleezer, Senior Development Officer for Planned Giving at 585-922-5072 or PlannedGiving@rochesterregional.org. Notification of your intentions will not be made public without your consent and it will assist us in better planning for the future of Lifetime Care. This will also enable us to answer any additional questions that you may have and to provide you, or your financial or legal advisor, with other information.

Our donors tell us how easy it is to recognize the help that we provide to our community through making a planned gift. The legacy that you choose to leave to others is a positive reflection of your lifetime. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and generous spirit.

We are glad to provide you and your advisor with suggestions to assist you in your planning. However, we cannot provide tax or legal advice. We encourage you to obtain your own independent and professional advice.