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Recently, Talent Acquisition staff member Chelsea Davis sat down with Mary Ellen Schlaerth, RN and Kathy Rowley, Manager, Customer Care, to learn more about what RNs do in the Lifetime Care Customer Care Center.

Chelsea: Mary Ellen, what does a typical day look like for you?

Mary Ellen: “I mainly take referrals and communicate with Lifetime Pharmacy, interacting with patients initially to create their records, etc.”

Chelsea: What do you enjoy most about working in the call center at Lifetime Care?

Mary Ellen:   It’s family-friendly with supportive leadership. It feels like home. It provides good work/life balance.

Chelsea: Why are you working in the home care/call center industry?

Mary Ellen: I love home care and I have a personal connection with it.

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At the moment, our Talent Acquisition Team is recruiting for several RN Patient Care Coordinators. Chelsea asked Mary Ellen and Kathy several questions that would provide insight as to what the job may entail, what type of training is provided, what type of skill set and experience is preferred, etc.

Chelsea: Can you walk me through a typical day? (Note: Mary Ellen states she is an IV/Infusion Nurse within the call center so her position is a bit more specialized than some of the nurses).

Mary Ellen:  My work is varied and task-oriented. I am always engaged and busy. I feel it makes the day go by quickly.

Chelsea: What would you say is your greatest Lifetime Care individual career accomplishment?

Mary Ellen: The relationships I’ve built with the Rochester region cancer centers. They will now only use Lifetime Care.

Chelsea: What would you say is the greatest Lifetime Care call center team accomplishment?

Mary Ellen: My team’s call volume is quite high. My team does a great job!

Chelsea: How does the RN Patient Care Coordinator’s responsibility help the agency?

Kathy: Our care center based RNs are responsible for taking new patient referrals for home care services from doctor’s offices, and set up the initial home care visit in our computer system. Up to 15 referrals can be expected to be processed each day. They help to initiate new patient home care services in this way.

Chelsea: What other tasks can an RN working in the care center expect to work on?

Kathy: A lot of phone work; taking physician orders and data entry.

Chelsea: As the manager of the Customer Care Center, what do you consider “success” for a new employee in RN role.

Kathy: For the first several weeks, listening and learning are crucial to future success. Our focus is patient satisfaction, maintaining and/or improving relationships with provider offices.

Chelsea: What does your interview process entail?

Kathy:   It’s approximately a 30 minute face-to-face interview.

Chelsea: What type of experience or skill set is desired? What should applicants bring to the table?

Kathy:   Home health care experience is a plus. Customer Service experience (i.e., in a doctor’s office ) is also preferred. Time management and prioritization skills are critical. All of our staff have great computer skills and are able to efficiently type approximately 40 wpm. Excellent communication skills are very important. Nursing experience in negative pressure devices, PICC lines, IV/Infusion knowledge.

If you are interested in applying for this job, please visit the careers page by clicking here.