Give The Gift Of Comfort

Contributions to hospice allow us to make a difference in the quality of life for our terminally ill patients and their families.

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All The Ways We Care

Lifetime Care delivers passionate, personalized care – home health services, hospice and palliative care, bereavement support and wellness, pharmacy services and more.

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Most people prefer to recover from an illness or manage their condition in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Home infusion therapy may be a safe and effective alternative to inpatient care.

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For Physicians

We are committed to the health and wellness of your patients, improving the quality of life and helping to keep them out of the hospital.

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Lifetime Care Career Corner

When our workforce is short, our community suffers. Learn about our featured career and apply to become a Home Health Aide.

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In today's world Internet has made it possible that you can send and share the images, videos and any other applications to your friends throughout the globe. You need to upload the video in a video hosting service and you would find that all your friends and neighbors are able to watch it. Some of the top video hosting service sites are:

You Tube: This is a wonderful video hosting site where you can share, upload and even view the videos of others. Thus it is the most popular among the video hosts. For viewing the videos in You Tube you require Adobe Flash Player Plug-In installed in the browser. There is one drawback of this web host and that is here you can keep your videos as private. Anyone who has an idea about your URL can access the video of yours.

Dailymotion: This is another video sharing service website and it is known as the second largest video site in the world. Value-added services It has a huge global audience and here you would get good content protection technology too. It is also a good and safe platform for the advertisers.

Grouper: It is a unique one because here you would also get desktop software with the help of which you can edit the videos and also upload them directly.

Google Video: Google Video apart from You Tube is also owned by Google. The best part of Google Video is that here you get the best quality of image which is actually much better than the image quality of the You Tube and the other features are also equally good.

Motionbox: Motionbox is another top quality video hosting service site and here you would get a solution to the problem of sharing lengthy videos. It will allow you to highlight and tag the portions of the videos that have the most appealing parts so that the viewers can view them directly.

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