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Speech therapists are an important part of the Lifetime Care Home Health Care team. Their job is to travel to patient’s homes to provide patient care to those with difficulty swallowing or speaking. They primarily see patients who have had a stroke or who have a degenerative disease such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s diseases.

Jessie Preston, a Lifetime Care speech therapist in Livingston and Monroe counties explains, “It’s really nice to see people in their home environment and be able to work with them on day to day struggles to make their lives easier.” She starts her day at home reading patient information before visiting four to five patient, leaving time for paperwork in between each visit. It is rewarding for her to watch her patient’s progress as she helps them regain something that they have lost.

Jessie says she was skeptical to work in home care because she liked the fast paced environment of the hospital and it was daunting to be out on her own with a challenging patient but she has grown to love home care. She explains that she still has a support team in other speech therapists and managers who she can call on when she needs help. She also loves that her schedule is so flexible. It allows her to easily manage her home life with young children.

Jessie encourages other speech therapists to join the Lifetime Care family. She says, “As a company, they care about you. You are not just a staff member and it’s not just about how many patients you are seeing. They encourage you to balance your life. They respect the fact that you may have a family or work another job and that your whole life isn’t your work. I felt that from the first moment I started working here, right from the president down, that they care about you and your well-being as a whole person and not just as an employee.”

Lifetime Care currently has employment opportunities for speech therapists in Cayuga, Yates, Schuyler, and Wayne counties. Kathy McGinnis, Director of Rehabilitative Services, is looking for compassionate, experienced, and flexible speech therapists with excellent speech therapy and communication skills to join her team.

If you are interested in applying for this job, please visit the careers page by clicking here.  For step-by-step instructions on how to apply, click here.